To Start The Virtual Prepayment Card With Amex MobiKwik


MobiKwik collaborated with the American Express (AmexOgen) Card Network to launch a flexible credit cap on their first prepaid payment card. MobiKwik claimed in a tweet that the homegrown fintech firm is the first non-bank to issue cards in India. This move aims to extend the universe of MobiKwik from a billboard provider to a Fintech player operated by financial services.

The MobiKwik Blue American Express Card is attached to the wallet of customers. The customer gets immediate credit of €1 lakh on his prepaid card, which MobiKwik is underwritten.

MobiKwik Blue American Express Card Application:

Customers need their mobile number and OTP to download or upgrade their Mobikwik app on their phones and login or register with the app. At the top right corner of the home screen, the Amex Ogen at  logo will appear. To trigger the card, users must click on the logo. The company claimed in a statement that the issuing of mobikwik blue cards is one click and takes just a few seconds.

The card gives consumers benefit in the form of a credit balance of 10000 dollars, 1% SuperCash on sales and 20% saved on Diwali transactions,” says co-founder of MobiKwik.Along with this strategy emphasis, we are pleased to reinforce the longstanding relationship with MobiKwik for the Blue Card, which greatly fosters the “Digital First” agenda.

The fintech company has already issued about two lakhMobiKwik Blue American Express Cards within a month from its introduction. Early reports show that even before its official introduction, MobiKwik started, the MobiKwik Blue card met expectations.

With 12 crore users, 30 lakh merchants and over three hundred billers, MobiKwik’s payment system is one of India’s largest. Bipin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku have been formed to fund brand-backers for over $100 million in 2009.

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